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Hi, all! This is Leslea, just wanted to drop in and let you know what’s new with Tim and myself and the kids. It’s been an extremely busy year here at the Treehouse, but a good year. Tim and I often talk about how we need to stop and record a podcast, but we just haven’t. We’ve gotten out of that routine, and I hope to turn that around in 2018. Even if nobody else listens, I love our podcasts. I love hearing the kids growing, changing, the phases our family goes through…so hopefully, I’ll succeed in my goal of returning to podcasting in 2018.

I’ve decided that Facebook has become like the Eye of Sauron for me and I need to break myself of it for the foreseeable future. I’m not saying I’m never coming back, but I can say that since I deactivated my profile a few days ago, I’ve edited six chapters of my book and started listing things on Etsy again. Even though I’m having withdrawal from social media addiction, I think it’s for the best.

To that end, I hope to keep getting a few chapters a day edited of An Honest Woman (Montana Brides #2) so I can finally release that book. I thought I was going to release it in 2015, and here we are closing out 2017. I’m doing my best to not beat myself up about it. I think it’s the true procrastinator’s trap: the longer you put it off, the worse you feel about it, and then the worse you feel about it, the more you feel like it’s pointless to finish. Well, that kind of thinking is a negative spiral, and I’m tired of it! It feels good to work and get stuff done. 😀

If you do listen to the podcast, you know that in the past couple of years, I put a lot of time into online games.  I still love online games, and I still play a few. I don’t believe there such thing as wasted time, but I didn’t have it to give to my writing career. Which came first, the not writing or the playing games? It’s a chicken/egg situation. I still like to think that someday I could write a book about online gaming…I mean, I guess I have (Pokemon Go!), but I mean, a real, meaty novel of some kind. A STORY. Hopefully I’m getting my storytelling muscles back.

And I feel like things are finally starting to change on that front. I want to note that I am proud of what I did to stabilize my kiddos and all the hard work that I put into the people that I love, but I’ve hit upon a time of change and I’m starting to feel really hopeful about 2018. I’m sure I speak for Tim, as well, because we’ve had so many conversations lately about our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Hopefully we’ll keep podcasting, but if not, watch this space and I’m sure we’ll update you from time to time of things we’re up to. We always update our Instagram as well–at least I update it fairly regularly. Tim seems to be doing that typical guy thing where he lets his wife do all the social media heavy lifting… le sigh

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Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and have happy holidays!

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