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Craig Davison’s Art took me bac...


Craig Davison has created some great nostalgic art titled “A Long Time Ago, In A Cul-De-Sac Far Away” I’m amazed at how well he captures the spirit of child hood imagination. I remember playing like this with the neighborhood kids, or just alone in my back yard. It was a different time when as a kid you […]

Retro Space-X

Retro Space-X

Space-X has released some creative commons retro space images of mars. I’ve always found these type of images enjoyable. There is something unique about these images.  It must be the romantic adventurous vibe that these images are giving off.   via Flickr

Bill Nye – Light Sail


I invite you to come along on a cosmic journey with me by participating in a mission to sail a spacecraft, a tiny CubeSat no bigger than a breadbox, on beams of light. Billy Nye – the Science Guy, and the Planetary Society have started a campaign to test out a solar sail. How cool […]

The Muppets return


This trailer of the new ABC show the Muppets, had me laughing all the way thru it. Just the right amount of nostalgia for me with all the characters being exactly like I remember them, with an adult twist.  The reality tv angle might be enough to keep the kids entertained. I suppose I’ll have […]

The Best Pour Over Coffee


Freshness of the Coffee: This is simple, freshness is key but for the ordinary consumer we are at the mercy of  our local grocery store. If you are fortunate enough to have a local roaster then I would recommend that you check the dates, and stay around  two weeks from roasting time. After that time much […]

A Ironman Hulkbuster – The Classic Ve...


I like the majority of the world have now seen Avengers Age of Ultron – and I enjoyed the hulk and Ironman battle, but this latest version of the Hulkbuster figure from Diamod Select is a closer interpretation to the Hulkbuster from my childhood. With a high nostalgic tug, this is the version of the […]

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