Six awesome holiday gift ideas

Christmas is just a few days away. Hopefully between then and now, we will be able to record another podcast. We tried last weekend, but it just didn’t work out. Shouldn’t be surprised, really…we’re on round  of 4/6 are sick since Thanksgiving. BLEH. Wish us luck that all are healthy for Christmas.

Here’s a little entertainment in the meantime, if you are still looking for gift ideas. You may have time to squeeze some of these gifts in under the wire!

The best coffee mug for a gamer, cosplayer, or Viking! ~$40

A glow in the dark toilet light (blue, perfect for Tim) ~$10

Shower head with built-in bluetooth speaker (Leslea needs this!!!) ~$40

For the messy hot beverage drinker on the go (We’ve never seen anything like this!) ~$20

To keep your sofa nice (too late for us, lol) ~$50

Every home with teenage boys needs a two pack of these ~$20

That’s it, folks! If you can’t find something above worth giving someone, then you’re no fun and your friends are boring.


Christmas Tree House Time

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