Treehouse Time episode 23: Do the Hustle! Pants optional

Treehouse Time episode 23

  • Happy Birthday to Leslea
  • Do the side hustle!
  • Our etsy shop
  • We <3 auctions, yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and just junk, we reckon
  • The breeze makes audio a little fuzzy at times, sorry!
  • How we came to be chilling on the back deck sans pants in late October
  • The intimate, personal details of our first fight
  • How Leslea realized that she’s a witch
  • Baby bear & baby raccoon totems
  • Coming soon: tobacco trading cards, Batman cards, World War II and cold war stuff
  • Our Etsy sale code through 10/31/16 is LESBDAY. Save $4.44 off any purchase $19.99 and above
  • Our Pokemon Go book is done! (Sorta! In editing and will be published quite soon)
  • The pressure of finishing a book! The joy of wrapping it up!
  • We try out Amazon Fire TV
  • Tim wants a Dot
  • TV in the bedroom? Yes or no?
  • (Tim wakes up with sore muscles, not sores, fyi)
  • Disney Infinity is going bye-bye, look for deals
  • Our family’s laundry system, going RETRO
  • Mornings are for coffee & contemplation
  • Finding clothes in the linen closest…ugh
  • Our big Pikachu!
  • How much applesauce is too much applesauce?

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