Treehouse Time Episode 18: Tsum tsum wine & a little rip rap

Treehouse Time ep 18

  • The tent is dead
  • Peppa Pig
  • Our date to Quibble Hill
  • The New Salisbury Dairy Dip
  • Greasy burger theory
  • A bitchin’ Camaro
  • Life before phones
  • Navigating rural Indiana
  • Father’s Day
  • Tim’s “cheesecane” (aka Batman keychain from a blind bag)
  • DIY Rockwalls / terraces / combating erosion
  • Riprap
  • Tsum tsums (Leia, Minnie Mouse, Gold Alice)
  • Tim’s 4 day weekend
  • Tim got drunk in Vegas
  • Turtle Run Winery with friends and the Louisville Crashers
  • Breaking in our Coolest cooler – an unforeseen pitfall
  • Memories of Tim’s dad
  • 2016: The Year of Debauchery
  • Kentucky Mule recipe
  • “We thought about getting in shape.”
  • Guess which one of us is the skinny one
  • Blueberry picking, swimming, water balloon fights!
  • Good parents make sure their kids are trash talking other kids on the internet, right?
  • Seamus needs his own show
  • Sean’s triathlon!
  • The office is coming along, with more bookshelves
  • Our latest DIY to do list
  • Summer travel plans


Rockwalls in progress

5 tons of rip rap

The first rock wall

Turtle Hill with friends

More Turtle Run


Leopard Moth

Blueberry kids


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