Treehouse Time, Episode 19: Pokemon Go! Holiday World! Winning July!

Treehouse Time episode 19

Treehouse Time episode 19: Pokemon Go, Holiday World, and more

  • Pokemon Go, folks. Pokemon Go
  • The side benefits of work travel
  • Team Mystic and Team Instinct, represent
  • What is the appeal of this game?
  • Couch 2 5k
  • Talking to strangers, oh my!
  • Pokemon Go security settings: quell Lex Luther’s diabolical plan
  • Games that WORK are actually fun 😉
  • Which is worse? George W dancing at a funeral or Pokemon Go at Auschwitz?
  • Lord Grantham update
  • Game of Thrones Ascent: Winter Phase is on
  • Fourth of July Fireworks at Eddie & Kira’s!
  • Holiday World & Splashing Safari fun!
  • Louie is very loud!
  • Tim kept his glasses this year.
  • How many days are you in pain after visiting a water park? Old people want to know.
  • Happy 15th to our oldest, Sammy!
  • Back to school time, already!
  • Kid triathletes
  • SUMMER has been wearing MAMA out
  • DIY update
  • Dog walking, &/ drop in visits available in Southern Indiana!  Use code LESLEA20 to save $20 off your first visit, even if you don’t use me.
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Team Instinct Lady Mormont

Team Instinct Lady Mormont

Krabby in our kitchen

Krabby in our kitchen. “Don’t cook me!”

Fourth of July dessert

Fourth of July dessert

The Treehouse gang's 2016 Holiday World photo

The Treehouse gang’s 2016 Holiday World photo

First triathlon for Seannie

First triathlon for Seannie

Dog walking, dog-sitting available in Southern Indiana

Dog walking, dog-sitting available in Southern Indiana. Save with code LESLEA20 even if you don’t book with us.

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