Chicken Impossible! ep 26 of Treehouse Time

Treehouse Time ep 26

  • Live from the back deck
  • Catching up
  • Lots of bird sounds
  • Family Fun with the Ukulele class with Louisville Folk School & the fabulous Rebecca Kelley
  • Flea Off Market
  • Kingfish
  • Seamus’ birthday at Lazer Blaze
  • Yaboisavage at Blaze Pizza
  • GiGi’s birthday in April, uh, March … princess tea!
  • Beauty and the Beast is kinda scary for 6 year old girls!
  • GOTG2 at the Drive-in!
  • Leslea’s fabulously enviable lawn chair (or a close approximation)
  • Our new grill! Going charcoal this year
  • Our 2nd grill, our 2nd home, our first honeymoon!
  • Hatching eggs…and baby chicks…it doesn’t work like you think it will!
  • Light up flashing necklaces = not the best for a midnight coop crawl
  • powerwashing in our future
  • World of Warcraft for Old Folks!
  • Extra work and the Vintage Jewelry biz! We have lots of wedding bling if you need it!
  • Mother’s Day
  • My friend Stacey’s bath bombs, etc. (Scentful Suds!)
  • Off to the winery
  • Friend us on WoW and send us a whisper if you are a listener: BettyWight #11542 and Tailien#1871

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