Catching up, Treehouse Time episode 14

Episode 14 of Treehouse Time

  • early autumn forest sounds!
  • what’s an awkward pause between friends?
  • fall has begun
  • blackbird migration
  • back to school complications
  • Leslea’s big DIY project!
    • Trail through Apocalypse Mow

      Trail through Apocalypse Mow

  • RIP, mower
  • New mower? 
  • Lanesville Heritage Weekend
    • Sam, Seamus, Leslea, GiGi, Tim, and Sean

      Seamus, Sam, Leslea, GiGi, Tim, and Sean

  • The Carnie Who Was Smoking Weed
  • Our special guest returns
  • Tim’s palletmobile
  • Functional closet space for 2
  • Decluttering = joy!
  • Thelma’s 8 piece bucket
    • Thelma's 8 piece bucket

      Thelma’s 8 piece bucket

  • Happy fifth anniversary to us
  • Happy second anniversary of the Tash Treehouse
  • No business, no problems
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