What would you taxidermy? Episode 5 of Treehouse Time

First bear spotted in Indiana in 140 years...DAMN it!

Tim does a Ricky Ricardo impression and we get visitors to the studio
The revenge fantasy we both enjoyed: John Wick
The dude from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo talks to Theon Greyjoy re: Neo
Tim gives you a rundown of what it’s like to watch a movie at our house (directed by Michael Bay!)
Who would win in a fight? John Wick vs Molly Weasley
The heavy breather in this episode is our 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier
Why are people always surprised Molly Weasley killed a Death Eater?
Did Molly Weasley have any kids who were frequent customers at St. Mungo’s?
Our latest trip to the ER
Our garage door is still broken and our yard…
What would YOU taxidermy?
Beware the coming Bear Apocalypse
BREAKING NEWS: since this podcast was reported,the bears have arrived in Indiana!!
How to get everyone to yield the passing lane
Our daughter would would taxidermy a bad guy
Send us your photos of…
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