Buyer Beware: Everything But the House (EBTH) is a “steer clear”

Pretty unhappy right now. A few weeks ago, we discovered a new (to us) auction site called Everything But the House. It’s an estate sale / auction site that specializing in reselling high-end items with an artistic, etsy-ish flair. Any variety of stock from classic to kitsch can be found on the site, and the photography is fantastic. Additionally, they have a stylish app and website interface. Of course Tim and I immediately fell in love.

Several hundred dollars later, we’re not in so much love anymore. Hidden fees, late shipments (still waiting on 7 won auctions we won two weeks ago), and bad customer service have soured us on the EBTH experience. Don’t be lured in by the photos and snazzy app. It’s not worth it.

I do hope that I won’t have to file a complaint with my credit card company to get my money back on those seven missing auctions. I did go ahead and pay them a $30 fee for the privilege of picking up an auction that we won locally–even though a similar auction the week before had no such fee, and no fee was listed on this auction’s page. I’m not happy about it, though. When bidding online, everyone knows that you take delivery/shipping, fees, and buyer’s premiums into consideration before you bid. Hidden fees are just unscrupulous. I am so disappointed with this company. They have such a nice inventory that I really wanted them to be my new “go to” website for all kinds of things for the home, personal collections, and even to resell.

Considering that I am still waiting on those seven auctions to ship from mid-October, I don’t plan on ever using this site again. It saddens me, because I’d already given them another chance after my very first purchase from them showed up broken (a piece of art, a signed enamel on copper piece that we paid $70 for.

That’s three strikes for us: a broken piece of art, non-shipped/late shipped auctions, and now hidden fees.

Beware EBTH!





Under terms & conditions:


If you can find a $30 fee on this page I will eat my vintage, designer hat.

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  1. I agree! I, too, fell victim to this horrible site that takes advantage of its customers. I missed a pickup due to a confusing “reminder text” they sent out and they refuse to work with me. They even admitted that the text service was new as of a couple weeks ago and they were working out kinks. Apparently, I’m out of luck because the website clearly stated the times. I thought the times had CHANGED due to the text. Basically, they made me feel like a moron for not understanding the text and are now charging me $252 for shipping items worth a third of that. Beware. This is not a “customer first” business.

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