Who are Tim and Leslea Tash?

Adventure Time Leslea and Tim

We are a married couple raising four kids in our dream home: an old rickety place on a hill with enough gaps to let in an assortment of wildlife when we least expect it. We’ve dealt with bats and flying squirrels so far, as if three boys, a little girl, three dogs and a mixed flock of ten domestic fowl weren’t enough. Oh, yeah–let’s not forget the spiders and stink bugs. Did we mention Cope’s Gray Tree Frogs? Oh, we could go on…


But this is our dream home. We are surrounded by acres of trees, and we love it here. Each season is amazingly beautiful and that is why this is our forever home. Even though we’re newbies to the cast iron stove, there is nothing we enjoy more on a cold winter’s night than cuddling together in front of that warmth, watching streaming television. Did we mention we’re surrounded by trees? No OTR signal here, folks. No cable or satellite, either. But we digress. This place is surrounded by trees. Treehouse. You get it?


Why the show? Well, why not? It occurred to us that there are likely plenty of folks out there in the world like us: laid-back, friendly, and eager for community and friendship as long as we can all fit into our crazy-busy schedules. We’re both writers and photographers, so blogging comes pretty easily, but we think sitting down and talking can be a lot of fun, too. So, the podcast was born! We hope you enjoy listening, and we looking forward to your comments and input. Maybe it’s not a live show, but it’s a show that fits into your life. Thanks for joining our journey and for taking us on yours! Pour yourself a glass of something sweet and listen in. This is just like the kind of treehouse you always wanted as a kid…but made for an adult lifestyle.

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